February 11 - 12, 2020 | Houston, Texas

Shale Techinnovator

Tellerus Corporation

Tellerus (tĕl·air·ŭs) Corporation has developed an innovative and patented in-line static fluid mixer to revolutionize the delivery of treatment chemicals to various upstream oilfield applications. We present a disruptive technology that will immediately create a permanent chemical cost savings of 40-80% in addition to proven extended service life of production... Read More

Bottled Water Sponsor

Integrity Bio-Chem

Integrity Bio-Chem is excited to bring the next evolution of functionalized modified biopolymers to the energy and industrial markets. Our mission is to provide innovative chemical solutions that support our customer’s objectives of improving performance and reducing costs. Read More

Media Partner

The American Oil & Gas Reporter

The “Better Business” publication of the exploration, drilling, and production industry, The American Oil & Gas Reporter is an independent industrial trade publication that also serves as the Official Publication for 28 associations of independent oil and gas producers and operators. Read More