February 11 - 12, 2020 | Houston, Texas

Technical Case Studies | Collaborative Dialogues 
First-of-their-Kind Masterclasses

This year, a leading market intelligence firm interviewed 350 unconventional E&P operators to determine the US producers’ greatest challenges and priorities at this point in time. And the uniform response was:

‘If we can reduce frequency of well failures and maximize uptime, that is what’s most important to us.’

Well failures are keeping production teams up at night. It costs an operator a few thousand to a few million dollars to carry out a workover to repair a chemical-related well failure. While optimization is an overly used phrase, it is a loaded expression. It implies that the E&P’s chemical spend is too high and needs to be brought down. What’s important to note is:
  • The cost of chemicals is between 20c and $1 per barrel
  • Lifting costs are $21
  • But, the average cost to repair a well failure is anywhere between $70,000 and $200,000 per well, and it can take up to three weeks for crews to get the well back up and running
Taking place on February 11 & 12, 2020 in Houston, Texas, Reducing Onshore Well Failures: Advanced Chemical Management 2020 will address the US onshore operator’s most important production, operations and chemical-related challenges, focusing on metrics that matter the most right nowfailure rates/frequency, downtime, production losses and total overall spend on wells – with strategies and opportunities to manage failures induced by Corrosion, Scale, Paraffin, Iron Sulfide and H2S.

With companies forced to be a lot more disciplined on how they manage their capital, looking at their financial performance and not just how much oil they are producing, maximizing profitability and return to production cost will be at the heart of all discussions.

Agenda Themes at a Quick Glance 
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Corrosion Management


Paraffin & Flow Assurance


H2S Removal




Scale Inhibition


Iron Sulfide Remediation


Chemical Automation


Failures on Facilities & Pipelines

Presentations, Discussions and Masterclasses, 
taking place in an environment where 
Relationships Are Built & Business Gets Done

100% driven by industry intelligence, the 2020 conference will look at a number of central themes, while expanding the envelope to include discussions in emerging areas for innovation and digital transformation. Participating individuals will be issued certificates of completions/attendance to earn CPD points.

From technical case studies giving you the chance to take an in-depth look at chemical management programs of leading E&P, to chemical companies stepping up to showcase new chemistries that are structured differently and have longer term-effects and persistence to Corrosion, Scale, Iron Sulphide, Paraffin and H2S, to collaborative dialogues that tie cost to value and failure frequencies.

With First-of-their-Kind Masterclasses built into the agenda, you will have the added opportunity to gather practical intelligence on two of the most cutting-edge topics right now. Attend the training course of your choice, and still beat rush hour traffic and catch that early evening flight home! Complete details released shortly.

Who is the Event for & Who will you Meet?

  • Technical & Operational Subject Matter Experts
  • Research Groups & Lab Scientists 

  • Water Treatment Technologies & Services  

  • Chemical Program Managers & Their Teams 
  • Facilities Engineering Teams    

  • Automation, Digitalization & Digital Transformation Groups

  • Production & Innovation Groups
  • Oilfield Chemical Technology & Service Providers
  • And More

Agenda & Speaker Line-Up Released in October 2019

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